General Trades Packages

We purchase and install materials and manage subcontractors for several different construction divisions.  Our secure storage facility enables us to take receipt of products in advance aiding in maintaining schedules and accounting for the inventory.  Scopes of work often involve the following:

  • Door frames/slabs/hardware
  • Millwork
  • Casework
  • Caulking
  • Bathroom accessories/partitions
  • Site specific specialties-signage/flagpoles/benches
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Steel studs/Drywall/EIFS/
  • Insulation
  • Siding

Rough and Finish Carpentry

Many of our projects involve us performing both trades.  It has become a way for construction managers and G.C.’s alike, to simplify communications, scheduling, and risk.  By having Pro-Line take ownership of these two aspects of construction, the basic structure in terms of a plumb, level, and square building during the structural framing of the building results in a better installation of trim, doors, and millwork.

Casework and Millwork Installations

Usually performed under finish carpentry scopes, casework and millwork involves the installation of cabinetry, counters, standing and running trim, custom architectural wood panel systems, high density plastics, cornices and columns to name a few items.  We receive manufacturer’s deliveries, perform inventory, and complete installation.  Doors and shelves are adjusted and counters are scribed and set.

Commercial Doors/Frames/Hardware Installation

Pro-Line Custom Construction, Inc. installs hollow metal and wood framed door frames, door slabs, and specified hardware across the spectrum.  We have installed lead lined frames and doors for hospital radiology centers, the smallest access doors, and the largest 15 foot tall wood door slabs.


Pro-Line can design, demo, and construct nearly any scenario you can envision.  From cosmetic upgrades to adding square footage, Pro-Line will take a "hands-on" approach in coordinating and delivering a successful transormation to your home or business.

Cement Based, Aluminum, and Vinyl Siding

We install HardiPlank cement based siding, aluminum, vinyl, and wood siding products.  Exterior columns, cornices, and accessories are often a part of our work as well .  In the same manner as our interior work, we view the exterior as equally important in terms of installation quality.  To us, siding is exterior trim work.

Concrete Flatwork

We pour driveways, basements, garages,  barns, and sidewalks.  We always encourage proper ground, grade, and drainage conditions before a pour to ensure lasting results with minimized shifting, heaving and cracking.


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